Fix Error 492 in Google Play Store

How to fix error 492 In Android Google Play Store:

Error 492 in google play store is a very common problem. you need to know how to fix error 493 and Today, I will discuss how to fix error 492 in Smartphones. Many Android users have trouble while installing and updating Apps in Google Play Store. But sometimes when you are trying to download an app on your Android mobile from Play Store App Free Download but the app could not be downloaded because it showed an error notification that is Error 492 occurred while downloading. This is not a crucial error, it only happens to certain applications and it doesn’t misbehave with other applications in the downloading and updating process. There can be some reasons for Error 492 in your android device are cache problem/ SD card problem, Play store account problem or Problem with the specific app. These are the reasons why you might be facing this error 492 in your smartphone.


Fix Google Play Store Error 492

The error 492 will see while installing apps on your Andriod device. To fix error 492 in Android Google Play Store do following.

First Method: Clear Cache of Google Play

Almost all Google Play store errors can be fixed by clearing data and cache of Google Play store.

In order to fix this error, The first thing you should try to clear Cache of Google Pay Store that might be causing the error and clearing cache is very easy. you need to go to your device Settings > Applications > swipe to All > scroll down to Google Play services and to tap Clear Data and Clear Cache. We are advised you to check the Internet connection. This will clear cache and data of Google Play Store, Now try to install or update your favorite App and see if this solved your problem or not.

Second Method: Reinstall App

If the above method 1 doesn’t work for you then prefer this method. First, open the Google Play app on your Android phone or tablet, and type specific app which is giving you problem then next step should be Uninstalling the App and then Reinstalling that particular app. If you already have .APK file of that app then it will be very easy for you to fix. Locate this .APJ file using file manager and Click on it to reinstall the app. Now check if this has solved the problem.

Third Method: Format the SD card

If your error 492 is still seen after the above method then there is one more thing to try. If you have installed your app on an SD card, that can also cause this error and you will have to format it. Got to settings > scroll to SD Phone Storage and you can see the Format SD card option is grayed out then tap on Unmount SD card > tap on Format SD and follow the on screen procedure. This is the only method to solve this error 492. This solution will work only in the case the app that you might not update is stored in the SD card. Before following this format the SD card process, don’t forget to backup important data on your smartphone device and then format the card. After completing this process, install the app once more.

Now open the Play store and download or update apps as normal. Hopefully after reading this article and by using above three methods, you can fix this problem by yourself if it will happen to you. If you have any queries or suggestions for us. please comment below page.

Fix Google Play Store Error 907

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 907

This error particularly affects Smartphones devices running newer operating systems like Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Lollipop 5.0, and KitKat 4.4. This error message usually comes up while app downloading or updating. Google Play Error 907 is a bug in the Play store.  It interrupts the download and update process and the user cannot install their apps or games.

Fix Play store Error 907

 How to fix error 907 in Google Play Store

Follow the below methods to solve Error 907 and you can fix the error easily.

Method 1: Unmount SD card before Install

Got to Settings > storage > scroll down then select unmount SD card. Open Google Play Store > Download or update the app or game that was giving you the pop-up notification error 907. After completion of installation process, go back to settings > Storage > press mount SD card. If this procedure didn’t work then try removing SD card from your device before installing.

Second Method: Google Play Clear Cache and Data

Open your Settings app and Click Apps > Google Play Store. Here you will find the buttons for Clear Cache and Clear Date. Click on both, one at a time. To empty the cache – Again, go to settings > Apps > swipe to All > Score down and select Google Play Services then finally tap the Clear Cache and Clear Data. If that fails to solve the problem then try method 3.

Third Method: Uninstall Google Play Updates

Firstly check whether your Google Play Store is the latest version or not. Open Google Play Store, Press Menu where you see at the top left or swipe left to bring the menu. Then select settings and scroll down for build version. After doing these all, your built version is 5.5 or later, it is relatively new. If it is not updated on your Android device then wait for a few minutes and it will automatically update. Now try to re-install the app or game on your SmartPhone. If this not works, then try this process. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store then tap the button that says Uninstall updates. This process will revert Google Play back to the original version that means it appeared when it was first installed on your Android device.

Fourth Method: For Update error in apps installed in SD Card

Go to Settings > Apps > swipe All > Scroll down and select the specific app that was giving you the error during download and update. Next step is tap Move to Internal Storage. Finally, open Google Play Store and now update or download the app or game. After successful installation, you can move the app back to SD Card.

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