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Play Store Errors: All over the world, Android smartphones are used mostly. As the Android version is easy to use and a user-friendly interface. Android users are required to access the Google Play Store for downloading various games and applications on their Android devices. An icon is provided through which you can access the store for downloading purposes. You can find some errors and issues while purchasing or downloading the applications from Google Play Store. This situation can mainly be seen for the Android devices which are running a custom firmware. Where the users want to install the apps from play store by the running Android version.

play store errors

Play store error retrieving information from the server warning is one of the most common and annoying issues. The app cant be downloaded because of some errors in the store. To overcome these issues have a glance at the article with the simple steps. Mostly some of the applications cant be downloaded because of the low storage space in the device or troubleshoot problems. You can also reset your device to solve the error problem as it deletes all the junk, harmful files and bugs which cause the damage. And then your device will come to the normal state and the issue of error can be solved.

How to fix Play Store error retrieving information from server:

Google Play Store has become more popular with the exclusive titles for the Android version comparing to other mobile operating systems. Even though the Android version is popular it is not perfect in some cases. Easily drain the battery and lags. When you want to download an app from the play store and ended up with an error as error retrieving information from the server you can fix your device by correct or compatible Google apps.

One of the main reason it can be caused by flashing an incompatible Google apps(GApps) package. Google apps sometimes do not include custom ROM but offer them in a separate¬†package is known as GApps. ¬†And the other reason if that’s not the case try the following steps.

  • Open the “Google Play Store” application and press the home button to return to home screen.
  • Click to open the “Settings” from the home screen with the icon of square boxes.
  • From the settings open the “Applications” and “Manage the applications”.
  • Select the “All” tab option and search for “Google Play Store” then click to open it.
  • Press to “Clear cache”.
  • And also press for “Force stop”.
  • Now return to the Settings again.
  • Press for the “Google Service Framework”.
  • Press “Clear data”.
  • And at last press “Force stop”.
  • Now start the Google play store so that no error can be seen now.
  • Reboot the device after completion of the process.
  • After restarting of your device Google play store should work without showing any errors.
  • If it doesn’t work wait for a minute or some time until without any error with a fresh start of Google Play Store.
  • The above process might help you if the corrupt cache is the problem on your Android device.
  • A corrupt cache might lead to mostly the strange error messages among the others.
  • If this doesn’t help to retrieve the service error you may follow the same steps.
  • Now include the “Clear data” for the play store app.
  • Enjoy the applications from the Play Store after the restart of your Android device.

The information that I have mentioned here might be helpful to fix play store retrieving from the server. You can clear the cache from the Google apps on your device. If you face any doubts regarding this issues do comment below.



Updated: August 9, 2017 — 1:59 pm

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